A person waves their hand in front of a table of coffee tools and a carton of Ghost Town Oats.


Baristas were at the forefront and catalysts of the oat milk craze when it first hit the streets of New York in 2015. Its popularity grew overnight, and baristas lent their knowledge to bring more oat milk products to market over the years. Today, most, if not all, have nothing to show for it. 

Started by three baristas with this shared experience, the team behind Ghost Town Oats combined 40+ years of specialty coffee, consulting, and taste experience to create a premium oat milk that prioritizes superior taste, incredible functionality, and versatility — whether you drink coffee or not, Ghost Town Oats can be used for anything.

 A black man with cornrows drinks a cappuccino while seated at a wooden table.


"Health food brands often project an aura of exclusivity around their products. Ghost Town Oats, the world’s first Black- and queer-owned oat milk company, wants to break down the barrier surrounding one of today’s trendiest health-promoting products—one delicious, creamy cappuccino at a time."

- Caitlyn Gunther,  Saveur Magazine

Everybody deserves nice things. That include access to premium food and beverage products regardless of the block you rep. In a world where the trendiest products are marketed to those who got it, Ghost Town Oats speaks first to everyone else.


A person sits with their back facing towards the camera. The back of their grey hoodie says GHOST TOWN OATS. They sit next to a pink car.


Mission Statement

Ghost Town Oats is an innovative lifestyle brand derived from the unique experiences of our diverse and influential communities, celebrated and realized through non-dairy milk. We are creating a bridge between culture and the plant-based lifestyle, thus redefining the spirit of and staking a claim for the future of food and beverage.